Is it just me…

…or does this jumping spider look like it’s driving a truck, with its left hand on the wheel and its right arm dangling lazily out the window?


It had taken up residence in a dragonfly naiad’s shed skin along the shore of a pond on Nantucket.


That’s all I wanted to say about that.

About Charley Eiseman

I am a freelance naturalist, endlessly fascinated by the interconnections of all the living and nonliving things around me. I am the lead author of Tracks & Sign of Insects and Other Invertebrates (Stackpole Books, 2010), and continue to collect photographs and information on this subject. These days I am especially drawn to galls, leaf mines, and other plant-insect interactions.
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15 Responses to Is it just me…

  1. It’s just you. 😉 GREAT catch!

  2. lauralab912 says:

    Love it! Jumpers are the best.

  3. Charlie, your photos of insects are amazing, and bring out their true charisma and lovableness more than any photos I have ever seen. Your love and respect for them comes through, and opens it up in me. Thank you.

  4. Carol Senske says:

    Thanks for this enjoyable and thoroughly entertaining post!

  5. msfaan says:

    love it

  6. Christine Hanrahan says:

    It DOES look like it is driving something! An amazing shot of this little jumper in the cast-off skin. I agree with the comments of Iris.

  7. rcannon992 says:

    Yes, and he’s got one eye on the road, one eye looking out the window, one eye looking out the back……😊

  8. Win Rogers says:

    It is not just you!

  9. Jennifer says:

    Yes it does! Love this!

  10. Lol it does! What a cutie! 🙂

  11. I love that it’s taking refuge in a used skin. Nothing is wasted in nature!

  12. Lisa Rainsong says:

    Simultaneously fascinating and quite entertaining!

  13. Emma Dickson says:

    It’s not just you, I see it. Great shot.

  14. I never would have come up with that analogy, but it’s perfect! I can SO see that spider driving in his (or her) spiffy naiad skin….. And the second image, with the spider coyly peeking out from its lair, is just icing on the cake. Great photos -and kudos to you for noticing the little guy.

  15. Beth Herr says:

    I love this picture. Did you see the chameleon on bing today, and the anemones a few days ago?

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