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No, Not Leafcutter Bees

Okay, there have been six votes for leafcutter bees being the culprit for yesterday’s mystery sign. Dave Almquist was the only one to qualify his guess: “They look almost like partial cuts from leafcutter bees, assuming that the leaves are … Continue reading

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Curious Leaf Cuts

A week ago today, I stopped by the Montague Plains Wildlife Management Area on my way home from a meeting. Gray birch and various oaks are abundant there, so I thought I’d look around for leaf mines of eriocraniid moths … Continue reading

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Bug Rearing 101

[Note: I have made a duplicate of this page here┬áthat I will update as needed, and I’m going to leave this one as is, so you might as well just ignore this post and go to the newer version.] Well, … Continue reading

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