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Acorn Weevils

It’s another mast year for red oak (Quercus rubra) in my neck of the woods, which means that for the past couple of weeks, large nuts have been raining down from the treetops, making it a little treacherous to go for … Continue reading

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People regularly send me photos of mystery objects and other bug-related phenomena to see if I recognize them. Often I’m able to respond with a precise (or approximate) identification, and that’s the end of it. Other times I’m intrigued by the … Continue reading

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A Hidden Masterpiece

Last December, Jennifer Kleinrichert sent me this photo of a polka-dotted larva (prepupa) surrounded by an elaborate silken structure, wondering if I knew what it was: My response: I’m afraid I don’t know this one… I’ve seen a photo of something similar … Continue reading

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