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The Yard List(s), Part 23

Over two weeks since my last update. In a few days my life will become less busy (I think?) and I should be able to explore my yard—and write about what I find in it—more regularly. In the meantime, here’s … Continue reading

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Return of the Tiny Silk-spinning Wasp

Five years ago I wrote about the discovery of a little wasp in Mexico and Brazil that apparently spins silk over stink bug eggs after inserting its own eggs in them. A few days later I made a follow-up post … Continue reading

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The Yard List(s), Part 22

Looks like a correction is in order! Back on July 20, I found the leaf mines below on a summer grape (Vitaceae: Vitis aestivalis) vine growing in the narrow space between the upper vegetable garden and the arborvitae hedge. I … Continue reading

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