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The Yard List(s), Part 31

The day after I wrote my last post, in which I discussed an oak leafminer I’d previously mistaken for Stigmella nigriverticella and mentioned that I’d been keeping an eye out for leaves with “green islands” blowing onto my driveway from … Continue reading

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The Yard List(s), Part 30

Things are starting to wind down here in central New England, plant-wise, but I’ve managed to add a couple more leafminers and one sawfly larva to the yard list since the beginning of October. Also several parasitoids have emerged, unfortunately … Continue reading

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The Yard List(s), Part 29

In my previous post, I mentioned having found a couple of leaf mines that needed a little more investigation to decide whether they’re something new for this year’s yard list. Well, I investigated, and they are! Leafminer #197: Stigmella sp. (Nepticulidae), on … Continue reading

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