My current project is a book on North American leaf-mining insects.  An academic publisher is currently contemplating whether such a thing is marketable.

Books, chapters, and articles

Eiseman, Charley. 2013. “‘Finicky’ feeders: specialized insects all around us.” Wild Ones 26(2):1-10.

Eiseman, Charley. 2013. “‘Finicky’ insects: specialized feeders all around us.” In Michael Dover, Caroline Hanna and Rebecca Reid (eds.): Earth Matters: Essays on the Nature of the Pioneer Valley. Amherst, MA: Levellers Press.

Eiseman, Charley and Noah Charney. 2010. Tracks & Sign of Insects and Other Invertebrates. Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books. 582 pp. [Winner of the National Outdoor Book Award and the Choice Magazine academic book award.]

Eiseman, Charley. 2006. “Lessons from a bobcat’s trail.” Natural New England 28:52-55.

Published photographs

André, H. M. and J. K. N’Dri. 2012. Bréviaire de taxonomie des acariens. Abc Taxa 13:1-186.

Jones, M. and L. Willey. 2012. Eastern Alpine Guide: Ecology, Conservation, and Recreation Above Treeline in Eastern North America. Burlington, VT: Huntington Graphics. 348 pp. [photos of various flora and fauna scattered throughout]

Voolma, Kaljo. 2011. „Kukehari” künnapuulehel ja teised jalaka pahktäid. Eesti Loodus. [photo of an aphid]

National Park Service. 2006. Appalachian Trail Vital Signs. [all of the bird photos]


There is a chapter about exploring a city block with me in:

Horowitz, Alexandra. 2013. On Looking: Eleven Walks with Expert Eyes. New York: Scribner. 308 pp.

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