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Things To Look For This Spring, Part 1

I have a pretty much endless mental list of natural history mysteries that I would like to follow up on at some point, but there are several that, for various reasons, are in the front of my mind right now. A few of … Continue reading

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Hackberry Midge Galls Revisited

In yesterday’s mail I was pleasantly surprised to find a copy of Raymond J. Gagné’s new paper on hackberry gall midges*.  As promised, I am following up with more information on the galls pictured in this post from two years ago. … Continue reading

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Hackberry Midge Galls

I’m in Burlington, Vermont for the week, and I’ve been taking advantage of the relative abundance of hackberry (Celtis occidentalis) trees here in the Champlain Valley to look for the galls of Celticecis midges.  Gall midge specialist Dr. Raymond J. … Continue reading

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