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Monthly Mystery #10: Bees in a Mud Nest

An interesting series of photos was recently moved to BugGuide’s “Frass” section (a place where rejected submissions are held temporarily before being deleted forever), so I thought I would salvage them and post them here so they can continue to … Continue reading

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Early Spring (and Late Winter) Bees

Over the past few days, on my walks in the woods, I’ve seen a number of little bees buzzing around just above the forest floor. ¬†None of them have held still long enough for me to even attempt a photo, … Continue reading

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Bee Burrows

About the same time that I first saw the feather-legged orbweaver’s web in the stone wall by my back door, I noticed some little burrows in the sandy soil between the stones.¬† Some of them were simple, roundish, 2 mm … Continue reading

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