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More and more

Adults have emerged from another 20 or so overwintered vials and jars since my previous post. Here are some more that came from larvae collected right in my yard. On June 21, I collected these larvae from one of our … Continue reading

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First sawflies of the season!

I took all my overwintering larvae and pupae out of the fridge on March 1, and so far two agromyzid flies, two scathophagid flies, two braconid wasps, two eulophid wasps, and seven sawflies have emerged as adults. Apart from the … Continue reading

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Introducing Haplopeodes loprestii

This leafminer business all started nearly ten years ago, in the fall of 2011. I had become fascinated with these tiny creatures while I was writing Tracks & Sign of Insects and Other Invertebrates a few years earlier, but it … Continue reading

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A couple of quick end-of-year announcements: The online “Bugs in Winter” course I mentioned a few weeks ago is now full, because a limited number of people can participate in the live discussion sessions. However, the course content is now … Continue reading

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The Yard List(s), Part 32

As I do every winter, I’ve lately been picking away at organizing all the photos I’ve taken over the past year, and the other day I discovered that this blog’s running list of leafminers in my yard omitted a species … Continue reading

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Summer Strolls in Streams, Part 3

I’d never seen these “hammerhead flies” (Diopsidae: Sphyracephala) before this summer, but I encountered them several times in August while walking along streams. I’m not sure why they would be associated with streams specifically; apparently the larvae feed on decaying … Continue reading

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Summer Strolls in Streams, Part 2

For the dragonfly survey this summer, Julia and I selected 30 sites and visited them each three times, so it was a busy six weeks of zigzagging all over the place from Florida to Monterey. (Yes, those are both towns … Continue reading

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Summer Strolls in Streams

Looks like it’s been a month since my last post. In that time I’ve made some great progress on my new guide to sawfly larvae (finished the preliminary literature review and ready to start putting together species accounts); revised and … Continue reading

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The Yard List(s), Part 31

The day after I wrote my last post, in which I discussed an oak leafminer I’d previously mistaken for Stigmella nigriverticella and mentioned that I’d been keeping an eye out for leaves with “green islands” blowing onto my driveway from … Continue reading

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The Yard List(s), Part 30

Things are starting to wind down here in central New England, plant-wise, but I’ve managed to add a couple more leafminers and one sawfly larva to the yard list since the beginning of October. Also several parasitoids have emerged, unfortunately … Continue reading

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